The Black Sun Notebooks: 5. Not Knowing What We Do

"One poet’s inability to absolve himself the burden of complicity in violence is best mitigated by platforming the victims of structural violence, highlighting how they already have agency, recognising that it is their work that is leading the collective work of absolution. The great gift of 'identity politics' discussions to contemporary poetry has always been that it has renewed our common life by setting those discussions within its terms."


The Black Sun Notebooks: 2. Extreme Liberal Catholic

"The terms for what a perfect world looks like are already determined, and promised, in Christ – even as those terms become the basis for infinite speculation, speculation that I am free to prosecute on broadly left-wing terms without reducing it to the expression of a “religious left”. Put simply, I want to go to Heaven with people I disagree with."

Bodies in the lining: a Queer Theology reflection

This is a post that I’m writing in response to Queer Theology’s 2018 “synchroblog” call. We’ve been invited to respond, in whatever way we feel moved, to the question What does your queerness call you to do and be in the world? This is what I’ve got; please check them out and see what other …

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