Words Elsewhere

On poetry

Review of Vahni Capildeo’s Venus as a Bear for Review 31

Review of Toby Martinez de las Rivas’s Black Sun in The Scores 4

Review of Ben Lerner’s The Hatred of Poetry and No Art in The Cambridge Humanities Review 15 (purchase here)

Review of books by Sean Borodale, Sasha Dugdale and Mai Der Vang in Poetry London 89 (purchase here)

Review of John Wilkinson’s Ghost Nets for Review 31

Review of books by John Burnside and John Ashbery in Poetry London 87

Review of R.F. Langley’s Complete Poems for 3:AM Magazine

Essay on Dai George’s “Poem on 27th Birthday” in Prac Crit 1

On theatre

An academic article on skill in two plays by Tim Crouch, emerging from my PhD research, appeared in Platform 10.1, here.

I reviewed What Playwrights Talk About When They Talk About Playwriting, ed. Jeffrey Sweet for The Cambridge Quarterly 47.1 (available here, with institutional access).

I reviewed the 2016 Cambridge Greek Play for Women: A Cultural Review 28.1-2 (available here, with institutional access).

On philosophy and theory

I reviewed D.N. Rodowick’s Philosophy’s Artful Conversation for The Cambridge Humanities Review 10, archived here.

And I wrote a very short piece on the queer ecology of Orford Ness for the National Trust, for some reason.

My own poetry has been published in amberflora; Tenebrae (Issue 1, purchase here); and The Salt Book of Younger Poets (Amazon). And the chapbook I produced as part of the Cambridge-based Wide Range series, edited by John Kinsella, is available in the Saison Poetry Library, if you want to go hunting…